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Male Enlargement Pills – All You Need To Know.

male enlargement pills

For many years, the influence of the size of a man’s penis on sexual performance has caused debate around the world. While one camp claims the penis size doesn’t influence the ability of a man to satisfy his partner, the other camp claims it does.

Whether or not the size matters, Male Enhancement products are here to stay. Male Enlargement Pills and Supplements are flooding the market as every man with a small penis wants to enhance his penis size.  This leads to the big questions.

  • What are the male enlargement options available?
  • Does male enlargement pills work?
  • What are Male enhancement pills side effects?
  • If they do, how so?

AND the answer is SIMPLE, male enlargement pills and supplements are composed of natural extracts which have individual properties that promote growth, boost hormone secretion, increases stamina, promotes health, reduces fatigue, increases bone and muscle strength, increases energy and gives you confidence.

Natural enlargement pills and supplements are devoid of chemical additives and artificial elements. These supplements contain organic ingredients work in an efficient manner which has benefited many people. Hence, they are safe to be consumed and no side effects. Keep reading for an extensive male enlargement pills review and male enhancers.

The male enlargement options are typically grouped into the following categories:

Male Enlargement Pills

There are different male enhancement pills available in the market. You may have read about these pills in a male enlargement pills review. The options range from medicines prescribed by the doctor containing ingredients like sildenafil citrate and tadalafil to horny goat weed and yohimbe—these are herbs used in the all-natural supplements.

Drugs like Viagra and Cialis were made to fight erectile dysfunction and to some extent premature ejaculation. The male supplement is not only expected to aid in attaining quality erections and staying erect for long but to increase the size of the penis and pleasure during intercourse.

male enlargement pills-vigrxplusThe most male enhancers usually have little or no side effect as they are often made from natural ingredients, as compared to doctors prescriptions which can portray side effects like back pain, acid reflux, headache, flushing, and stomach upset.

There are several male enlargement pills which can boost up your energy, give you more stamina, enhance your physical endurance and help in muscle growth.

Taking the enhancement pills can help you do better in your workout sessions. Here are some of the best enhancement male supplements that have shown success and men are using brands like below that you can consume:

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Male Pills have continued to produce great results. They are an easy, safe and convenient way to enhance quality, size and erection timeline.

These pills are ingested orally. Apart from pills and supplements, there are creams, oils, and gels as well which can enhance penis size.


Male Enhancement Pills, Gels, Creams, and Oils

Improving sexual performance with gels, oils, and creams are becoming more common. There is an attractivemale enlargement pills -oil-creams-gel market for enhancement solutions. The products are administered through transdermal delivery using lotions, oils, patches and even cream.

The products provide a quick result, and there are no waiting periods like you have with the capsules or pills. Many men feel it’s much more convenient to use these gels and asking their partners to apply it is an icing on the cake.

Here are some of the brands that you can opt for:

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Male Enlargement Pills act fast and give instant results. The products which are mentioned are some of the most popular ones which are easily available online.

They are known for their efficiency, effectiveness and they are backed up by the positive reviews. They are applied to the penis before a sexual encounter.

Stay Hard Products – Delay Sprays and Creams

The penis is too sensitive, and this sensitivity has affected how men sometimes do not satisfy their partners. Sometimes, men either reach orgasm sooner than their partners or happen in less than a minute after penetration. The feeling is so good, and you get excited to the extent that lasting long enough becomes a problem.

male enlargement pills - stay-hard-product-vigrxPeople say it happens because the individual in question was too turned on before the encounter. However, there is no such thing. It is a condition known as premature ejaculation.

That is why it is advisable to have a male desensitizer (spray or cream that contains mild anesthetic) in your collection.

They are sometimes called delay sprays or creams, and they are designed to slow your sensitivity down and allow you to enjoy the activity.


Some are more popular than others and are recommended. Below is the Stay hard product which is performing better:

Using this product, you will increase your stamina, and you will be surprised how long it takes before achieving orgasm. To satisfy your partner and bring them to climax, you should consider trying stay-hard products.

Enhancers for Sperm Increase

Failing to impress your partner by producing a small volume of sperm can be less of a problem than the other issues it presents. It can be caused by adverse psychological problems related to performance and fertility. Also, low sperm count and weak orgasm can be responsible for low sperm volume.

male enlargement pills - best-semen-volume-enhancerSperm production reduces as men age. The urge for sex is not as strong as it once was. That’s the cycle of life: it’s completely natural.

During orgasm, the volume of sperm produced can have a desirable effect on your sex life. This may make you desperate for the best enlargement male option on the market.

When it comes to orgasm for a man, Semen plays a significant role. Having a larger amount means there will be intense and faster contractions on the muscles needed in orgasm.

The more sperm you ejaculate, the longer and stronger your orgasms will be. Many enhanced products have the ability to give better orgasms and increase the volume of sperm.

In between, when you take a good semen volume enhancer, then for sure you increase your seminal fluid. It means having a longer, better and more intense orgasm.

Penis Extenders for Penis Enlargement

Like the name implies these devices are made to stretch the penis out, and with time the stretching causes the penis to increase permanently. There are various brands on the market, and they include:

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Different studies taken have shown that the device works, with one subject having an average of nearly an inch growth of the penis after a month.

Others noticed that after the stopped using it the growth never diminished to the former size. When it is used the right way, having penile traction is okay and shows results that can be measured.

It is similar to some surgery procedures as it stretches tissues in the penis, only in a different way. However, it typically works on the length of the penis and not the breadth.

Penis Pumps for Penis Enlargement

Doctors have been advising patients with erectile dysfunction or people who just want to increase the size and length of the penis to use of vacuum constriction devices (VCD). It is the only method approved by the FDA that doesn’t involve surgery for penis enlargement.

The devices work to fill the tissues and blood vessels of the penis to the highest capacity. In addition, the results are seen immediately, but you will need to use it daily to make sure the change becomes permanent.

The pumps are used to remove air from the place that forces blood to the vessels and tissues in the penis. However, it male enlargement pills - penis-enlargement-bathmate-pumphas been modified by replacing the air with warm water, and it makes an equal distribution of pressure, volume, and blood flow from the heat provided by the hot water.

Penis Pumps have been known to have a significant increase in the quality of erection and size of the penis. But it should be used carefully to avoid injury or damage that might end up being permanent.

There are some of the brands popular for penis pumps:

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Tips That Will Help You

These are few things you should consider before you increase your penis size:

  • Talk with your partner: it might not feel comfortable at first, or you think you shouldn’t do it. Talking with your partner about what your sexual preferences can go a long way and you will be glad you did.
  • Exercise and lose some weight: If you have a beer gut or you overweight, it will make your penis look smaller than it is, exercising can make a huge difference. It will not only make you look good but also help with endurance and strength during sex.
  • Cut off your pubic hair: If you having a lot of pubic hair down there can make your penis look shorter than usual. Trimming or cutting it off will make it look bigger and even increase its sensitivity.
  • Talk to a counselor: feeling insecure about the size of your penis is normal, and talking to a certified counselor can help. Some men feel better after been reassured that the sizes are average and they are taught other ways to satisfy their partners without resulting in surgery.


Many men think that if they can improve their penis, they will make better lovers to their partners or they will become more attractive. Chances are your penis is within the normal size range (when not erect 3-5 inches and when erect 5-7 inches).

There is no guarantee that these supplements and devices will work for you. The solution to your problems might just be talking with your spouse, exercising, and if that doesn’t help you try talking to a counselor. And, the results vary from person to person.

However, A penis is known to be abnormally small if it is less than 3 inches while erect. This is a common condition known as micropenis. If by any chance you have a micropenis trying the all-natural herbs, (there are typically visible differences in photos of natural male enhancement before and after in their respective product sites), creams, pumps, or extenders may become necessary.


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